Drama Experience:
South Coast Repertory Young Acting Conservatory (Costa Mesa, CA: 1980 - 1984)
Musical Theater Summer Workshop (UC Irvine, CA: 1982)
Misc. choir and drama classes (UC Irvine, CA: 1986 - 1990)
Keynote Communications Production Training (Knoxville, TN: 1992)
John Robert Powers Modeling School (El Toro, CA: 1985)
Dance: ballet, jazz, tap, modern, ballroom

American Eagle Casting Studios
Beringer Winery - On Line Virtual Tour (Eda Emma Beringer) November 2007
(Click here to see me - select "Go to second floor", then "Ada's Room", then "Play Video." )
Bottle Shock - feature film (extra) August 2007

The Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow) 5/80: Beswick Elementary School
On Target Broadway Musical Theater (chorus) 7/82:Summer Workshop
Ladies Alone (Marge) 2/83: El Toro High School
Carousel ("Snow" child) 3/83: El Toro High School
Some of My Best Friends are Smiths (secretary) 5/83: El Toro High School
The Music Man (Wa Tan Yee girl/chorus) 9/83: The Show Boaters
Dreamer (chorus) 10/83: First Baptist Church of Tustin
The Last Orange in Orange County (lead: Lisa) 4/84: South Coast Repertory
Making the Grade (lead: Paula) 5/84: First Baptist Church of Tustin
The Me I Am (ensemble) 6/84: South Coast Repertory
Tom Sawyer (Amy Laurence)7/84: Saddleback College Children's Theater
Out of the Frying Pan (Kate Ault) 4/85: Capistrano Valley High School
Alice (Dancing Daisy) 8/85: Saddleback College Children's Theater
Return to Iz (Wicked Witch) 3/86: San Clemente Presbyterian Church Youth
Madrigal Dinner (chorus 1 year, court 2 years)12/89-91: UC Irvine
A Comedy of Errors (lead) 8/91: Saddleback Community Theater
The Music Man (chorus) 5/92: Mission Hills Church
On Broadway Musical Review (chorus) 8/92: Mission Hills Church Youth
Broadway Bound (wrote, co-directed, acted in) 8/93: Mission Hills Church Youth
Night of Scenes (misc.) 11/93: Mission Hills Church
Steel Magnolias (lead: Shelby) 2/94: Mission Hills Church
Our Town (lead: Emily) 2/95: Mission Hills Church
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost (wrote, produced/directed,lead) 10/96: Mariner's Church
Joseph the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 6/02: Ogden Local Theater
Children's Christmas Play (co-wrote, co-directed, 6 yrs) 12/97-02: Ogden A.G.
Church Misc. skits (co-directed/acted) 2003-05: Bethel Church
Improv Troupe (leader) summer 2006: The Mission Church
Celebrating Me monologue: 2/08: Vineyard Community Church (VCC) talent show
Good Friday Creative Service (earth perspective while painting) 3/08: VCC

Creativity Coach

How can I help you or your group move forward?
My heart is to help people tap into creativity and be released into abundance. That may look different in different contexts but there are universal truths that I apply, partnering with Holy Spirit to customize to your particular need or creative dimension.

When hired, I will talk with you and seek Holy Spirit on what He would have me share. I am confident He will give me wisdom and revelation to release the treasures He desires to bring forth. I begin with the session outlines God has given me, and craft His unique strategy for you or your group around that.

SIX SESSIONS for you, your school, retreat, church, conference or workshop. Sessions stand alone, yet combine beautifully.

CREATIVITY OVERVIEW: God is creative, and we are made in His image.
RELEASING WORDS AND SOUNDS: Sonic warfare in the Bible and beyond.
EXPRESSING THROUGH COLOR: The power of pictures, painting and light.
ACCEPTING YOUR STYLE: Personal creative worship and intercession expression.
TELL ME A STORY: Basics on writing Kingdom stories, scripts and screenplays.
EVERYONE CAN PROPHECY CREATIVELY: Practical applications and practice.

Each class involves teaching, testimony and activation. We won't just talk about the power of creativity, we will do it! We will cultivate a safe and expressive environment with an atmosphere of positive, edifing words so the tender shoots of creativity can take root and grow. I'm passionate about the power of imagery in healing and growth. My flavor will include nurturing the imagination to go with God to the Spirit realm where He can minister and release revelation. If Holy Spirit leads into ministry time, I am equipped to prophesy and pray safely. I carry joy, which may be expressed in laughter. God is fun, and I love to tap into that part of Him and let Him flow!


One of the poems that I wrote is featured on a prayer CD called "Create" by Eric Johnson. Create is a prayer CD that is designed to release creativity and prayer in the lives of people. We invite you to plug into a new dimension, as we press into the power of creativity. When God creates something it releases life on all levels. Revival is life at it's fullest. Order this CD at bookstore.

What if...
A doodle destroyed a stronghold
A sketch secured a dream
A paint brush procured passion
A sculpture could intercede

What if...
Drama released His power
And dance released His love
A poem displayed His beauty
Photos expressed life above

What if...
Knitting knit people together
And cross stitch crossed race barriers
Or quilting created a covering
And crochet helped kids feel secure

What if...
Drawing drew people to Jesus
And puppets placed purpose in hearts
Or woodwork would work out division
While paper mache gave head starts

What if...
Folk songs brought families together
And ballads bought time for a tear
Or musicals made know the issues
And worship songs melted down fear

What if...
Set design set up a seeker
While script writing set out the Way
Film making filled up the empty
And movies gave vision to strays

What if...
Commercials could start minds to thinking
And half time shows had altar calls
Or rock stars read verses to thousands
And movie stars showed God to all

What if...
Millions entered the Kingdom
The harvest brought in by the arts
Souls saved, healed, delivered for Jesus
I say "Yes Lord, let me do my part!"

© Carla Myers 2005


Encouragement gives us courage - courage to be who we're created to be. Let me encourage you today to start giving expression to the things you dream about. Those desires are in you on purpose. You were made in the image of your Creator, and you can do more than you've ever dreamed or imagined! When we dream with Him, we are partnering with the One who made it all! As you start to envision your dreams taking shape, He empowers those imaginations and launches you into more of who you were created to be. It's a wild ride! I hope this video inspires you to keep dreaming and to take the risk = live.

I Am

Everything I am is because of who God is. He is the great I AM!
I love that His name is current and progressive. He's outside of time, so His I AM is who He was, is, and will be, eternally.
He is loving and kind and good, and as I experience these parts of Him, He is unlocking me to become my full "I am." It is a very fun and exciting process. I am partnering with the great I AM! That's a pretty good deal, if you ask me.


My stories-in-rhyme release profound concepts in a simple, digestible form and bring a new angle on the concept of Heaven. My first three illustrated books are available in softcover on   I am seeking opportunity to produce them in hardcover. You can preview Celebrating Me, Singing Me, and Recording Me below. (Click here to see the DoWho website)

Recently, I wrote a children's chapter book that I have just finished editing.  It is about an 8 year old girl who goes on a walkabout to find the Crazy Cat Lady and discovers the courage to face her fears about her sister's upcoming heart surgery.  It deals with the themes of fear and special needs.  Below is video of me reading each chapter.

Chapter 1 - The Adventure Begins

Chapter 2 - Getting Lost

Chapter 3 - The Church

Chapter 4 - The Hiding Place

Chapter 5 - The Dog House

Chapter 6 - Getting There From Here

Chapter 7 - The Crazy Cat Lady

Chapter 8 - Meeting Mercury

Chapter 9 - Cat Tales and Conversation

Chapter 10 - The Journey Home

Chapter 11 - Endings and Beginings

These are the illustrated children's books that I wrote:
Celebrating Me

Singing Me

Recording Me


I tap into the timeless truths expressed by a loving and kind creator in order to release that love and impart identity. My passion is to equip and empower a generation with tools to know who they are and how to live abundantly so that they can impact society for the good.

The Vision for COW Ministries:
I have loved cows for a very long time. (As an icon, not necessarily up close and personal.) It may stem from the fact that we played the cow game on road trips from So. Cal. to Oregon when I was a kid. (You count the cows on your side of the car. Whoever has the most at the end of the route wins. But, if you drive past a cemetery all the cows on that side of the car "die" and you're down to zero again.) Or that God has put a passion in me because He wanted a ministry of that name. I think it's both. But inside me there is a ministry called C.O.W. - Creative Overcoming Worshippers. God has been sculpting this in me for decades now (I'm older than I look) and in 2007 He gave my cow legs.

But first I need to tell you what C.O.W. is about.

I believe every follower of Jesus Christ is a worshipper. Not just someone who sings songs at church on Sunday mornings, but one who is a worshipper.

John 4:23 says "But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers (proskunete) will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers (proskuneo.)"

That word "worship" (proskuneo) means "to to kiss the hand to (towards) one, in token of reverence" and is used 60 times in the New Testament. But the word for true worshipper (proskunete) is only used once, right here. It means "a worshipper."

So the Father is seeking "a worshipper" (being) as the one who does (bows down and kissed His hand.) I see a picture of Holy Spirit on one side of the "true worshipper" and Jesus on the other - arm-in-arm- leading and guiding on how to worship in Spirit and Truth. I know I have a lot more to learn on this subject, and I look forward to exploring it with Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Anyway, back to C.O.W. I attended "The Mission" in Vacaville (which means "Cow-town" by the way) where Dave and Deborah Crone pastor. They have a "Present-Future" mind set and have given their congregation permission to dream. Actually, we were not only given permission, but had examples highlighted from the pulpit and classes on how to do it.

I finished one such class in Spring of 2007 where God clarified my mission and solidified my COW legs. My current mission is to be with a team of Noble Comrades, creating kingdom stuff to change the world.

I have seen a vision of me flying on a cow, and I believe the structure of C.O.W. that He is giving me will be how I live out my mission. So here are the 4 legs the C.O.W. ministry will stand on:

PRODUCTS: I have written many, many 'stories in rhyme of Heavenly places' that will be published as children's books and distributed internationally. I also act, paint and sing, and believe God will bring forth products in these areas too.

PRODUCTIONS: I have loved drama since I was a child. Not only do I act, but I write and produce plays. These productions will be visual expressions of the Kingdom of God coming to earth, and will create atmospheres for God to show up and be glorified.

PLATFORM: I have had, and believe I will have more opportunity to paint, sing, and worship from the "platform" (during praise and worship services) to release breakthrough and a prophetic sound/color.

PREPARATION: I have taught students in the area of creative arts and believe God will give me further opportunity to help train the Bride of Christ in her C.O.W. self!

I'm also an intercessor, and creatively pray and stand in the gap for people, companies and people groups. This paradigm comes into play often, and I stay in close communion with God, walking with Him through "assignments."


In the beginning God created; and we are made in His image.

When I paint, I partner with Him to loose color, sound and motion into the atmosphere. I love to ascend, worship and create to bring forth breakthrough, intimacy and freedom. My pieces are evidence of intercession and act as a prayer and proclamation long after the paint dries. My inspiration is a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe. Together we create art that expresses His love, life and joy. Together we create a venue for His Kingdom to come through artistic expression. Together we prophetically proclaim His will, and pull it from Heaven to earth.

(Click here to visit my art gallery)


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