One of the poems that I wrote is featured on a prayer CD called "Create" by Eric Johnson. Create is a prayer CD that is designed to release creativity and prayer in the lives of people. We invite you to plug into a new dimension, as we press into the power of creativity. When God creates something it releases life on all levels. Revival is life at it's fullest. Order this CD at www.ibethel.org bookstore.

What if...
A doodle destroyed a stronghold
A sketch secured a dream
A paint brush procured passion
A sculpture could intercede

What if...
Drama released His power
And dance released His love
A poem displayed His beauty
Photos expressed life above

What if...
Knitting knit people together
And cross stitch crossed race barriers
Or quilting created a covering
And crochet helped kids feel secure

What if...
Drawing drew people to Jesus
And puppets placed purpose in hearts
Or woodwork would work out division
While paper mache gave head starts

What if...
Folk songs brought families together
And ballads bought time for a tear
Or musicals made know the issues
And worship songs melted down fear

What if...
Set design set up a seeker
While script writing set out the Way
Film making filled up the empty
And movies gave vision to strays

What if...
Commercials could start minds to thinking
And half time shows had altar calls
Or rock stars read verses to thousands
And movie stars showed God to all

What if...
Millions entered the Kingdom
The harvest brought in by the arts
Souls saved, healed, delivered for Jesus
I say "Yes Lord, let me do my part!"

© Carla Myers 2005