My stories-in-rhyme release profound concepts in a simple, digestible form and bring a new angle on the concept of Heaven. My first three illustrated books are available in softcover on Amazon.com.   I am seeking opportunity to produce them in hardcover. You can preview Celebrating Me, Singing Me, and Recording Me below. (Click here to see the DoWho website)

Recently, I wrote a children's chapter book that I have just finished editing.  It is about an 8 year old girl who goes on a walkabout to find the Crazy Cat Lady and discovers the courage to face her fears about her sister's upcoming heart surgery.  It deals with the themes of fear and special needs.  Below is video of me reading each chapter.

Chapter 1 - The Adventure Begins

Chapter 2 - Getting Lost

Chapter 3 - The Church

Chapter 4 - The Hiding Place

Chapter 5 - The Dog House

Chapter 6 - Getting There From Here

Chapter 7 - The Crazy Cat Lady

Chapter 8 - Meeting Mercury

Chapter 9 - Cat Tales and Conversation

Chapter 10 - The Journey Home

Chapter 11 - Endings and Beginings

These are the illustrated children's books that I wrote:
Celebrating Me

Singing Me

Recording Me